Exotic Exposed

Jennifer Brazil reminds us of exotic things and maybe it is because of the fact that this shemale has a little latina blood in her. This long-haired beauty has all the makings of a great star and we are happy to have her here with us.

Exotic Exposed Exotic Exposed

Jennifer was only wearing a pink thong and a feather boa when we arrived at her house. She quickly invited us over to her bedroom and there started to show off what she has – nice small tits but with gorgeous erect choco nipples. Plus, her bottom is nice and plump it’s no wonder we can’t think straight.

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Kelli Knows

We knew that blue would look good in Kelli for she has a really beautiful chocolate skin. This beautiful black shemale could actually pull off any clothes for she has a beautiful body and she looks specially gorgeous when all she’s wearing is a little skimpy bikini.

Kelli Knows Kelli Knows

Kelly knew what to do the moment we turned on our equipment. She started posing and giving us that seductive look like she has been born to seduce man. We loved the part where she finally took off her thong, turned around and squatted so that we could see her hard dick hanging out between her plump ass cheeks.

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Ravishing in Red

We just love having Sharon come over for a visit. It’s so fun having her for this hot tranny is always game for something new and her confidence is enough to carry her through anything – even if what we want her to do might be a little weird or awkward for her.

Ravishing in Red Ravishing in Red

Sharon just laughed when we told her that we wanted her to wear an all-red lingerie. She was a little hesitant but we knew she could pull it off. When she finally got out of the bathroom in just her red lingerie, we knew we made the right choice for she looked like the very devil of temptation that we just wanted to ravish.

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Brigitte’s Breakfast

Brigitte here believes about being healthy and eating right. That is why this beautiful tranny always makes sure that she doesn’t neglect her health and her body. She eats her share of fruits everyday and of course, takes care of her body the way she only knows how.

Brigitte’s Breakfast Brigitte’s Breakfast

She takes out a green apple and starts rubbing the apple all over her body. She loved the feeling so much that she started to strip and rub the apple all over her huge melons. She’d even tease us by licking the apple before rubbing it over her melons.

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Back and Better

We got such great action the last time we hooked Luciana and Camila that we decided to have these two again. Just looking at these two gives us erection – Luciana with her auburn hair, baby blue eyes and curvaceous body while Camila here is a blonde hottie, slim and with really sexy long legs.

Back and Better Back and Better

Seing these two start kissing was enough erase our doubts that maybe their chemistry the first time was just there because they just met. They were kissing like they really missed each other and in fact, things were hotter now than it was the last time. They were soon sucking cocks like there’s no tomorrow.

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Patty’s Punishment

We didn’t understand at first why Patty was being fucked hard with a strap on dildo when her lover sure has one huge cock for her. Upon investigating though, we find out that Patty here has been a very naughty shemale and should be punished. She didn’t have sex all day and when it was finally time to have the hot fucking she was craving, she had to beg for it.

Patty’s Punishment Patty’s Punishment

Patty’s lover was not in the mood yet to forgive her. She’s been such a nice slave and she sure would beg for a hard cock. So before Patty got fucked with a hard cock, she had her ass drilled first with a strap on dildo – and it all happened outdoors.

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