Distressed Daria

We just can’t get enough of Daria and this time, we followed her to her house. She acted all surprised to see us but we knew she was expecting us – she was just wearing her satin blue lingerie and slutty high heels. She even acted to look upset and unwilling to do her dirty act but she can’t fool us – we knew she liked to role play.

Distressed Daria Distressed Daria

She finally realized that she’s not going to fool us into leaving her and so decided to give in. She posed more seductively for us, making sure that we got every inch of her body. When she finally stripped off her panty, we proved we were right when we saw her shaft sticking straight at us. For being such a naughty lying bitch, we ordered Daria here to stroke her cock hard. Shemale Thrills has all the hottest shemales you could think of!

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